Enhancing Soil & Crop
Sustainability in New Brunswick


Our Vision is to enhance soil and crop sustainability.

Our Mission is to stimulate innovation, research and leadership for the advancement of the agricultural industry in New Brunswick.

What We Do

  • In conjunction with our annual general meeting, we conduct educational seminars for our members on a wide range of soils and crops topics.
  • We sponsor guest speakers and conduct field days and tours, on both provincial and local levels.
  • We sponsor and distribute educational material.
  • We partner with Agriculture Canada and the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture on research projects such as cultivar evaluation.
  • We promote new and innovative farming techniques (no-till seeders purchased and used by six of our locals).
  • We do no-till trials on both grains and soybeans & corn.
  • We sponsor members' participation in out of province seminars relating to soils and crops.
  • We develop and present position papers on a wide range of issues to government (land-use policy, environmental issues, lime policy, weed control, agricultural awareness in New Brunswick schools, federal-provincial agreements and research).
  • We serve on committees of such organizations as Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick, the Eastern Soil and Water Conservation Centre and Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

Becoming a Member

  • NBSCIA members are provided access to their local soil & crop coordinators who will share the details about workshops, government funding programs and other agriculture related topics. A member will be added to our email list to receive these updates and they will also be provided a discount for all samples sent to be analyzed at the PEI Analytical Laboratory.
  • The Basic Membership is $60.00 plus HST. Half of the membership cost goes towards the Local Soil and Crop Association and the other half towards the NBSCIA.
  • NBSCIA coordinators can provide the following services with an upgraded membership. Soil, manure and foliage sampling and result interpretation, nutrient recommendations, assistance in the development of nutrient management plans and environmental farm plans, and GPS mapping. The value of the upgraded membership will be determined based on task and time required of the coordinator.
  • Becoming a member is easy! Just contact your local coordinator who's contact information can be found under the Locals tab of our website.


John Bos - President
Dean Acton - Vice President
Jason Cleveland - Secretary/Treasurer
Allain Côté
André Côté
Etienne Godin
Alain Lepage
Charlie McIntosh
Jordan Crawford
Alex Jopp
David Christie
Ryan van de Brand
Fred Anderson
Ellen Gammon
John Riordon
Chandler Colpitts


  • To develop, promote and demonstrate environmentally and economically sound agricultural practices as they relate to soils and crops in New Brunswick.
  • To provide NBSCIA members with services and resources necessary for the sound development of soils and crops in New Brunswick.
  • To encourage greater public awareness of the accomplishments and concerns of the NBSCIA and its members.
  • To be a respected and positive influence on government with respect to matters relevant to the NBSCIA and its members.
  • To develop and manage operating funds necessary to meet the needs of the NBSCIA.
  • To develop reliable communication that transfers information to where it is needed.
  • To devise membership participation actively engaged in committed & supporting roles.
  • To explore new ideas & innovation through research for economical & environmental sustainability.
  • To develop growth and financial stability for security of independent, non-compromising programs.


  • With the rapid move to a global economy and worldwide competitiveness, and government's declining involvement in agriculture, we need a strong farm organization dedicated to, and able to promote the interests of, our farmers.
  • Environmental issues are becoming a major consideration in the way we conduct our businesses.
  • The NBSCIA will continue to lead the way by promoting the philosophy and use of Beneficial Management Practices by distributing educational materials and conducting seminars.
  • We'll continue to promote new and innovative techniques which will enhance the competitiveness of our farmers.
  • We'll continue our consultative role with governments.
  • We will endeavor to conduct research to find the most profitable cultivars and sustainable methods for the farmers of New Brunswick.
  • We'll need to be even more active in increasing public awareness of our industry, and ensure our members are well informed on current issues through a regular, up-to-date newsletter.